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Friday, February 29, 2008


I just recently finished a petswap with an extremely talented lady on Craftster. Her username is ericav. If you have a chance you should really check out her artwork. It is absolutely amazing. She's a pet portrait artist. I can't imagine how I got to be so lucky as to get her as my swap partner. Today I received the portrait in the mail.. and I'm still just stunned by how beautiful it is. See for yourselves.


Thank you so much, Erica!!!!
I will truly treasure this all of my life!

And they call it Puppy Love

Angel is my baby.. my one and only.. my true love.. lol
No, really, she is so sweet and I just adore her from her head down to her little paws.


I mean, really, who couldn't love that sweet face??
Even, Isky, my mom's bratty little yorky loves her!


I made this pillow not too long ago to commemorate all of our dogs that we have right now. The poodle obviously is for Angel, and the two yorkies below her are for Isky and Kooty, the coolest dude I've ever known!


This pillow was actually one of my very first things to embroider. Of course, I used my beloved Sublime Stitching patterns for it. It was also one of the very first things I ever used a sewing machine for.. I did kind of a hackjob on it, too. Be thankful the picture isn't very upclose and personal!

Not Quite Vintage

Here's a pillow that I made quite a while back.. almost a year ago, actually. It took me a couple of weeks to do between work and school. I used all Sublime Stitching patterns except for the lettering which I just used a font from Microsoft word for. I really love how it turned out. I wanted something cute for my new apartment which I've been in for 6 months or so now. It sets on my couch for everyone to see. I think that it's a great conversation piece.


Here are some more detailed pics


"Not Quite Vintage" just seemed like the perfect title for my style, what I like.. it just seemed like Me! I like vintage with a twist!

Tea Towel Tour 3

For my first post I decided to start with my most recent project that I'm working on. I'm currently involved in the third Tea Towel Tour on Craftster. I was in the second one as well. This time around I decided I wanted to make a very girly, sweet, retro-inspired apron for myself. I've been so involved in swaps on Craftster lately that I haven't had a chance to make anything for myself in a long while. So, I was extremely excited and went a little wild on this project lol. The white part of the apron, the part which my fellow craftsters will stitch on, is muslin; and the ruffles, waistband, and ties are pink and white gingham.

Tea Towel Tour 3 Apron

On the pocket I just stitched the title of the tour.. sort of as a commemorative marking, and I added some sweet little vintage buttons.

tea towel tour 3 apron

Then, I decided I wasn't quite finished until I added another personal touch to it. I've been looking at this towel from Antrhopologie for ages now and I've wanted it so badly but I just never am able to make it out to the store. So, I decided to do something like it on my apron. I think it turned it really well. I was so nervous about doing appliques using the iron-on adhesive. I'd never done it before and it scared the living daylights out of me!


I'm really happy with my apron so far! I'll be sure to post a final pic of it once everyone has had a chance to stitch on it.